Legion of Doom’s Best of 2005- Events

House of M. The “No more mutants” moment gave a much-needed jumpstart to the X titles. -Jean-Claude Van Doom

PreludeThe build-up to Infinite Crisis. While that has been going on for a few years now, I love seeing planning come together and watching something emerge so naturally from within the universe they’ve created. -Jim Doom

The countdown to Infinite Crisis. Even more so than Infinite Crisis itself, the 6 month build to the mini-series was huge. Nearly every single week, a new important issue came out, making it seem as if each week the DC Universe could be taken in a drastically different direction. Besides the main four series (Villains United, Rann/Thanagar War, OMAC Project and Day of Vengeance), we had The Return of Donna Troy, JSA Classified, Sacrifice, Crisis of Conscience and the dozens of tie-ins in titles such as Nightwing and JSA. When Infinite Crisis actually debuted, I felt a little let down that I’d have to wait another month, not just another week, for the next part of the story. Without the buildup, Infinite Crisis wouldn’t have seemed as huge as it does. -Fin Fang Doom