Legion of Doom’s Best of 2005- Moment

The vote for Best Moment of 2005 was unanimous. All four of us chose this moment from Infinite Crisis #1:

When You Were Dead 450


Wow. Just wow. You knew Batman meant it, and you knew he was right. Even better, you knew Superman knew he was right. -Fin Fang Doom

I had forgotten that Bruce Wayne had mastered the martial art of verbal BITCH-slapping. -Jean-Claude Van Doom

That moment was so many things that it had to be. It beautifully encapsulated the growing tension between Batman and Superman, criticizing a tangible difference in a way that only deep personal differences could accomplish. And it was a cocky, self-aware nod to a previous DC mega-event that was about to be dwarfed – if not rendered completely meaningless and forgettable – by the power and substance of what was to come. Much like the rest of Infinite Crisis has been, it was a perfectly crafted synthesis of naturally intersecting storylines and self-referential penetration of the fourth wall. Countdowns and miniseries built anticipation, but that line was the proverbial shot heard round the DC Universe. -Jim Doom