Legion of Doom’s Best of 2005- Artists

MaleevCharlie Adlard. This one took me a while to come up with, as there are loads of great artists out there. And since none of the guys I could think of did anything specific to put them over the top (like, say, draw 12 issues in the year), I decided to go with the one that draws my favorite title, The Walking Dead. It’s not just the writing that makes that title so great. -Fin Fang Doom

Alex Maleev Maleev’s scratchy pencils, heavy shadows and attention to detail fall somewhere between realism and film noir. It just looks damned cool. -Colonel Doom

I don’t have a favorite, but Alex Maleev, Eric Powell, Bryan Hitch and Leinil Yu always impress me. -Jim Doom

Bryan Hitch. “Ultimates 2” has, consistently, the best art out there. When it’s a little late, that time is put to use. -Jean-Claude Van Doom