What’s bigger than an alien invasion?

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Nothing calms down the anger of waiting an extra month for a comic than finally opening it up and finding that time went into making one of the balls-to-the-wall best issues ever.

Buy Ultimates 9. Every page, every frame is worth the price. This is a series that is unafraid to do things as big, bad, reckless and fun (or sometimes not so fun). It’s the Avengers on steroids and acid and a few cups of coffee.

How remarkable is it that the big reveal of who the secret villain is came as little surprise, and that did nothing to dilute the enjoyment of the storyline. Who gives a crap if you know who the bad guy (lady) is? The world’s still about to blow up. Imagine feeling that excited about the other Avengers book (no, not Young Avengers).

World War III has never been so fun.