Marvel’s Pony Express rider shot by savages

Eager to check out the newest run of Wolverine, I went to the comic store today to pick up issue 36, as well as plenty of other literature.

On the shelf sat issues 33, 34 and 35, but no 36. I asked the owner who said he’d been bugged about it all day by customers, but no, he hadn’t received the new Wolverine. Thinking back to last week, I asked if he’d ever heard why the latest issue of The Ultimates still hadn’t hit shelves. He just sort of shrugged and said Marvel has been as bad as ever lately in missing deadlines.

Between Ultimates, Wolverine, Astonishing X-Men, the incredible delays of Ultimate Iron Man, Ultimate Secret and Secret War, Marvel has been atrocious lately in getting things in on time.

If you’re supposed to be the top dog in comics publishing, that means maintaining a certain level of professionalism. And that means, among other things, getting me my freaking Wolverine when promised.