Longtime readers (both of you) might remember that back in October, several members of the Legion of Doom participated in a 24 Hour Comics Day in Lincoln, NE. Jim Doom was kind enough to organize the event and Doominator, Doom DeLuise and myself each participated, along with a few other friends and one complete stranger. Earlier today when I was linking around I came across the official 24 Hour Comics Lincoln website, and I realized I’d never gotten around to uploading the other half of my story. If you’re so inclined, you can check out my complete comic “Suspension of Disbelief”, a “hilarious” romp spotlighting both my love of and disgust with Star Trek: The Next Generation, by clicking on the link below. You can check the 24 Hour Comics Lincoln site for the other comics we got around to posting on the internets.

Suspension of Disbelief

And yes, I realize that last panel makes no sense, because of the page I cut out. I might just have to get around to doing a special edition with deleted scenes.