Literal Superheroes

It’s a ghost town here. So have some drawings of literal superheroes, something I’ve been doing in my downtime. It’s what it sounds like: taking the name of the hero to the logical extreme:

It all started with a bored literal Spider-Man, almost taking Doppelganger too far:

Spider-man drawn as if he were a real spider, eight limbs and all

Then it snowballed from there …

Literal Superman, coming to an apartment complex near you.

Superman holding a plunger and a pipe wrench with a young person hanging out an apartment door

Batman & Robin, fighting crime one fallen piece of fruit at a time.

A bat and a robin dressed as Batman and Robin. The bat is eating an apple.

Captain America, US Navy

Captain America dressed in formal naval garb

Catwoman in a heated battle with Batwoman

A cat in a Catwoman costume preparing to attack a bat in a Batwoman costume, striking a defensive pose

Aquaman, formless waterman of the sea

Aquaman drawn as if being made of water in an ocean scene, his costume leaking.

Dr. Doom, MD

Dr. Doom advising a patient that he has gout.

Real X-Men vs. Literal X-Men

A real comic panel contrasted with a drawing of the X-Men with literal interpretations of their names. Rachel Grey's Phoenix is a phoenix bird, Cyclops has one large visor as if to fit a giant eye, Storm is a cloud with a lightning bolt, Wolverine is drawn as a real wolverine, Colossus is made up to be the Colossus of Rhodes, Nightcrawler is an earthworm, Shadowcat is a cat and Rogue is dressed like the Hamburgler. Lockheed is just hanging out, being a cool dragon 'n' shit.