Straczynski’s The Brave and the Bold

A few people have been recommending J Michael Straczynski’s current run on The Brave and The Bold.  It was one of those things I kept putting off as recommendations can often be hit or miss for me.  I had read a few of the Mark Waid written issues earlier in this series but they did not interest me enough to stick around.  I tend to prefer full arcs on books over one and done type things.

So it was quiet the surprised for me to find out how good this book is under Straczynski, which begins on issue #27.  I think the best way to describe his run so far is that in each issue he cuts right to heart of what was great about the Silver Age.  Straczynski is able to capture the real essence of what is great about the characters featured in each issue.  The amazing thing is you do not have to know anything about DC continuity to enjoy it.  Each issue is completely self contained so it doesn’t matter what issue you read as there is no order to it.  I’m impressed how good the stories are despite only being on issue long.  

These are books I would recommend to people new to DC.  I known a few people that enjoy the DC DVD movies, which I believe comes down to how much you read DC comics.  If you are a avid DC reader the DVDs are not terribly interesting or even hate inducing for some fellow Dooms here.  It can be hard to convert people to DC, especially long time Marvel fans.  The continuity can be rough and it’s not always easy to know what is great about some of these characters.  Straczynski’s run is the perfect place to start, especially in the current market where Marvel is shedding readers but DC isn’t picking many of them up as it’s not easy to find a jumping on point as DC.

You do not have to be new to DC  to enjoy this book, unlike the DVDs.  It reminds me of reading All Star Superman where Morrison was able to give you what was truly great about that character.  Straczynski is doing it with several characters, all be it from a Silver Age perspective,  such as Batman is the hero Batman not the grim and gritty type most are used to in the current era.  After each issue you’ll be given a true sense of what is at the core of these characters and what is great about them.

I hope he covers as many of the main DCU characters as possible during his run on this book.  It has me feeling very confident that Straczynski’s upcoming run on Superman will be just as good, and maybe even his upcoming Wonder Woman run will be as well, all though that is a bigger ask given how tough a character she is to write.  Suddenly I’m not missing Thor so much anymore.