Worst Villain of 2009

Jim Doom: Mandrakk the Vampire Monitor!

The biggest villain of Final Crisis makes his debut in a god-awful two-issue 3D miniseries and then decides to show up in the last issue of the main series. It’s probably worth mentioning that he was defeated by Superman in Superman Beyond 3D #2, so that miniseries was relevant in that it introduced the main villain and irrelevant in that its conclusion was completely ignored. Did I mention the same guy wrote both?

Honorable Mention: Libra. I picked Libra last year thinking that I was going to be soooooo wrong this year. Much like with the Super Young Team, I was convinced there was no way Libra would end up being as lame and useless as he seemed – there had to be some greater purpose for him. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Here were the lamest baddies from previous years:

Doom DeLuise: Infinity Man
Jim Doom: Libra

Fin Fang Doom: Iron Man
Doom DeLuise: Captain Atom/Monarch
Jim Doom: The Monitors, Bug People, Superboy Prime and every other threat posed in the pages of Countdown

Doom DeLuise: The poo guy from Nightwing
Doominator: The Children
Fin Fang Doom: Grotesk