Best Moment of 2009

Jim Doom: Ultimatum ended!ultimatum blob wasp

Dear God this was an awful, awful series. It was like Marvel paid someone to illustrate awful fan fiction. Here’s what I said at the time:

What a terrible mess. It’s like somebody made a bet on how many exploding heads they could fit into a mainstream comic book. Remember when the Ultimate line was for kids?

And “exploding” was the most realistic thing that any of those characters did in that issue. Magneto’s immediate 180 upon learning the truth of his origins (trying to write vaguely enough that any of you who are dumb enough to buy this won’t have it spoiled) was almost insultingly unbelievable. “Aw shoot, I got that one wrong? Ok … so how can I help?” What a redemption!

I loved that it ended with a shout-out to the gang that started the Ultimate line. It’s like “Oh, hey, thanks for leaving your doors unlocked while you went on vacation. I took all your valuables and pooped on your couch.”

The day Ultimatum ended was a glorious day indeed.

That was kind of a cop-out. Maybe instead I should continue my streak of awarding this to Geoff Johns and go for Hal and Barry’s graveyard conversation in Blackest Night #0.

Here are some moments that made us jump for joy in previous years:

Jim Doom: Hal and Carol
Fin Fang Doom: Rick’s crazy
Doom DeLuise: Batman’s not dead yet

Doominator: Movie Trailers
Fin Fang Doom: The Death of Captain America
Doom DeLuise: The Finale of 52
Jim Doom: Coast City Lighting up the Sky with Green, Green Lantern #25

Doominator: Cyclops Coming Back with a Gun
Doom DeLuise: Captain Atom Going Nuclear, Destroying Bludhaven
Fin Fang Doom: Invincible “Supermen” Fight

Everyone: “Let’s face it, Superman … the last time you really inspired anyone … was when you were DEAD.”