A fellow Doom, the Doctor to be precise, will be going to war this February in the DoomWar mini series.  CBR has a interview with editor Axel Alonso and artist Scot Eaton about the project.  To sum up Dr. Doom tried to kill T’Challa the Black Panther leading to him being gravely injured and his sister Shuri taking over as the new Black Panther.  The war will be a T’Challa strikes back type thing with T’Challa and wife Storm calling on their friends from the Fantastic Four and X-men for help.  It remains to be seen if Dr. Doom will call on the members of Doomkopf to stand by him in some Doomish manor.

Honestly I’m not terribly interested in this aside from the entertaining name, but it is a good example of Marvel’s current stadgedy of having many smaller events instead of one big event.  While it is good to see Marvel listening to the fans who complained about event fatigue after being warn out by Secret Invasion, I think they are spreading themselves way too thin with these mini events.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with a big annual events as long as they mean something.  The problems I had with Secret Invasion as well as DC’s Final Crisis was that I did not feel like either really meant anything in the end.

DC’s Blackest Night has been a good example of an event done right with a strong lead in and a meaningful point to it all.  Over at Marvel we have Dark Reign the event that isn’t called a event leading us to the Siege mini event that will see the end of Dark Reign and me feeling very tired of the the word “event.”  I will read Siege but I ultimately do not care one way or another about it because Dark Reign has been so spread out that the bad parts cancel out the good parts leaving me feeling rather indifferent as whole.  I do like Norman Osborn being the villain in control and would have preferred he have a longer run in that role.  It will be interesting to see the sales numbers once Siege starts up next month since DC has recently taken a firm hold of the top ten thanks to the Blackest Night.