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Welcome to the Doombin. I’m the newest member of the Doom staff, MG Doom. My goal here is basically to post bits of comics related news, information, and brief recommendations from what I am currently reading. It will be the proverbial dustbin of this and that as my comics interests are quite varied. This is all rather new to me so my posts will be a work in progress as I settle into what works best. I would also like to say a quick thank you to the Doom staff from bringing me on board.


Dan Didio’s latest 10 Answers and 1 Question from Newsarama mentioned that Paul Dini’s Zatanna series will be a monthly and likely start around April. Also Denny O’Neil will be joining Greg Rucka in writing the Question #37, which is one of the Blackest Night back from the dead books set for January.

Robot 6 has a good recap of Brian Bendis’ impromptu twitter question and answer. It is a good look at what Bendis will be up to over the next year or so.

The Doom Library

I have never been the biggest Fantastic Four fan, so Johnathan Hickman’s current run really caught me by surprise. Starting with the Dark Reign Fantastic Four mini series Hickman has found a really interesting take on the group. Best of all the first two issues of Hickman’s run on the regular series can now be read on Marvel’s website for free.

Fantastic Four #570

Fantastic Four #571

The Dark Reign mini series leads into issue #570. The trade collecting that is out now.

Recently I took a long over due look into the world of manga. In the past I have had trouble finding manga titles that interest me.
Thanks in part to Jim Doom’s review of the first volume of Pluto, I started reading Naoki Urasawa’s work and have been hooked since. Reading Urawasa’s work is like fallowing a really good TV like Lost where there is a large cast and the plot becomes increasing more complex. I have now read through Pluto, 20th Century Boys, and Monster. All are worth reading and either provides a ideal jumping on point to the world of manga, although you really do not have to be interested in manga to enjoy any of Urasawa’s work. His work is very western friendly.

While Jim Doom has already covered the first volume of Pluto, Manga Worth Reading has helpful reviews of the first volumes of 20th Century Boys and Monster.