Local news for Feb 27, 2009

I’m overdue getting one of these up and there is a lot to cover!

• Krypton Comics is giving away two passes to a special early screening of Watchmen. Stop in tonight through Sunday (Feb 27-Mar 1) to enter. The screening is Tuesday, March 3 at 7:30 p.m. and is sponsored by Power 106.9 and Krypton Comics.

• Legend is also giving away passes to see Watchmen. Starting Friday, February 27th until Thursday March 5th (or when supplies run out) each customer who makes a purchase of $15 or more (again, until supplies run out) will get a ticket to see the movie at the Star Cinema IMAX theater in Council Bluffs on opening night.

• Lou Ferrigno will be Krypton’s special guest for Free Comic Book Day. They’re also taking requests for other guests to invite, and the creators with the most nominations will be asked in order of popularity. Contact info for Krypton can be found at the store’s website.

• Fredd Gorham, who hosts the Artist Jams at Krypton, recently announced that Omaha now has a Drink & Draw club. I’ve never been to one, but the blogger formerly known as Jean-Claude Van Doom blogged about his experiences with the Little Rock Drink & Draw club. From Fredd’s email:

So you think that getting together with artists to draw once a month isn’t enough? Well my friends Jeff, Jean and Jon have started the Omaha Drink & Draw for just such a situation. Every Monday the O.D.D. folks get together to draw, chat and drink their favorite adult beverages. Think of it as a decidedly more adult version of the Artist Jam. The location varies from week to week, so if you are interested please contact for more info.

Send me an email at doomkopf at doomkopf dot com if you’re interested and I’ll give you the contact info for the OD&D.

• The Capes Comics gang has a new video podcast up, or at least new since the last time I pointed it out. As always, the weekly capes newsletter does not disappoint, and would-be readers can sign up at capescomics.com.

• Starting back on February 18th, Legend began giving out free $75 gift certificates for customers who refer a friend, relative, classmate, etc who starts a pull file at the shop. The new customer has to identify who referred them and has to stay in good standing for six months (meaning they come in once a month to pick up their comics).

• Legend’s nine-day dollar comics sale is coming soon, beginning Saturday March 21 and ending Sunday March 29. More than 50,000 comics, from the 1960s to now, will be priced at $1 each. Also, for every twenty $1 dollar comics purchased, customers will get five $1 comics free (so 25 comics for $20).