Stump the Doominator

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnellI’m a lax contributor here at Doomkopf, mostly because I’m terrible at actually remembering to go to the comic store, and even when I do, I either get Astonishing X-Men or a long canceled series. But after Doom DeLuise asked me to help him with his countdown, I knew my calling … to sum up storylines concisely.

So here’s my challenge to you, fair readers. I want you to send me storylines, and I will attempt to sum them up in one sentence. It may be a run on sentence. Once I get five, there will be a new post. Oh, and for bloggers out there, I’ll use it as a way to link back to your blog, so we both win. As a bonus, each time, I will attempt to answer an obscure question about the X-Men. My X-Men library goes back longer than I’ve been alive, so chances are, I can answer it.

How do you enter? Email me at ‘Nuff said.