Sort of a Doomino Effect

In the madness of getting ready for Christmas and trying to clean up my workspace, I can’t find any of the comics I bought in the past two weeks. I don’t even remember everything I picked up, so this is going to be a totally stripped-down bare-bones version of reviewing the comics I remember buying, and I’m not even going to do segues.

Final Crisis #5: I thought this was pretty good. All kinds of crazy going on is finally making me feel like something bad is happening and therefore something awesome needs to happen to make the bad good again. Still some stupid stuff, like the possessed Alpha Lantern going through the charade of being an Alpha Lantern for obviously longer than was necessary, but then just nonchalantly dropping it as if she just didn’t want to bother anymore. Judging Morrison’s recent works side by side, I think I liked Batman RIP because it didn’t have that kind of dumb acting (though I won’t deny that a case can be made that it had plenty of dumbness of its own).

Final Crisis: Revelations #4: This is a five part series. Part 4 ended with a “To be continued” rather than a “To be concluded.” The Spectre has been stripped of his human host once again, and he needs to be re-bonded. This all fuels my theory that Batman will become the new Spectre, which is, of course, the best idea.

Madman #12: For all that I dislike about this new volume of Madman, I think what always keeps me coming back is the fantastic love between Frank and Joe.

Thor special: I loved this. If Marvel would release a monthly comic like this, which includes an extra-length stand-alone story starring one of their major characters and a back-up reprint, I would gladly pay $3.99 and buy it every month. I don’t care about Thor, but I took a chance on this. I won’t even say I totally loved the story, but I loved the experience of reading it and the value of it.

I don’t remember what else I bought. A normal Doomino Effect will resume after the holidays.