Hits from around the web

• ComicMix assembles The Stories that Informed Batman RIP. It amazes me that the same Grant Morrison who drew from and referred to all of these stories could be the same person that was dismissive of internet nerds with awareness of continuity issues.

• Great Caesar’s Post asks the question, “Which subversive group bent on world domination is better, A.I.M. or HYDRA?”

• Brian Cronin at Comics Should Be Good develops a 10 point scale for the finality of a comic book death in a superhero comic.

• Graig Kent discusses the wave of $3.99 comics at secondprinting. This week’s Lying in the Gutters reveals that New Avengers will be one of the ongoing titles to remain at $3.99. Not missing from the increased price will be the “special event $1 markup” — New Avengers #50 is listed at $4.99 because it’s the anniversary issue.

• Meanwhile, CNN reports Marvel’s comic book print line is operating at a 40% profit margin. (h/t LITG)

• Gavok at 4thletter explains Santa Claus in superhero terms and reviews Punisher War Zone in one efficient post.