Some Doomkopf in-house notes

• As you may have guessed from the image at the right, is now optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Users will still have the option of switching back to the standard Safari view if they so choose, but otherwise iPhone and iPod touch users will automatically be greeted by a portable-browser friendly interface that still allows for all the reading, commenting and searching functions that regular full-size browsing visitors enjoy.

• Speaking of comments, commenters here may notice the option to reply directly to existing comments, so that replies will appear nested beneath their parent comment (sort of message board style). Previously, all the comments just piled on sequentially and it got kind of hard to follow who was talking to whom. No longer.

• Finally, we’ve been on myspace for a while, but Doomkopf is finally represented on facebook now too. As I write this, I believe we’re up to 7 fans.