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Additional thoughts on Final Crisis #2

We here at Doomkopf gave our thoughts on Final Crisis #2 on Saturday, but I recently witnessed an exchange on a message board that I thought raised some good points about the shortcomings of the issue and provided some satisfying answers. It’s nothing authoritative, but it’s a little more discussion and some additional perspectives on this thing.

Q: They’re still pursuing the Orion muder thing?!? So make it clear for me DC — Am I a retard for buying 7 issues of Death of the New Gods and 52 episodes of Countdown which showed EXACTLY how Orion died or am I a retard for buying this?

A: Retard (like me) for buying Countdown. I think its a big deal BECAUSE of the fact that all the New Gods have been killed, but this is the only body found. Plus, the Morticocus virus (in the bullet that killed Orion) seems too dangerous to be ignored.

Q: Also, why is this a massive deal to the lanterns? ALL the New Gods have been killed. The Alpha Lanterns aren’t Jordan’s superiors. They’re effectively Internal Affairs for the Lanterns. That’s all. Even if they were, wtf would he bring them on the station and act like he is?

A: You know, I didn’t put much thought into it. I assumed they needed help and brought in for a crime they needed help with.

Q: 7 pages to Japanese characters we’re never going to see again? Really? Is anyone even editing Morrison anymore or does he have totally free reign?

A: They’re integral to the series, according to the Final Crisis sketchbook.

Q: Granny Goodness is dead. I saw her die. Am I a retard for buying the issue of Birds Of Prey that happened in?

A: The evil gods have been possessing human hosts until they can get their “god” bodies back. The Granny that dies was just a shell with her spirit inside.

Q: Darkseid has been reborn as a big black guy. Why are they saying he’s now this old detective guy? Again, am I a retard for buying the issue of Teen Titans that happened in?

A: The bodies wear out quickly, as Darkseid said before he took over Turpin’s body. By Final Crisis 1, Darkseid’s host body needed a cane to walk.

J.G. Jones — one time editorial cartoonist

The Brooklyn Paper has a story on J.G. Jones, once an editorial cartoonist and page designer for the ‘Paper. The story focuses on Jones’ work on “Wanted,” the comic that has recently been adapted to the big screen.

Check out this quote from the story:

“There’s no question that creating on deadline is the best experience,” Jones told The Brooklyn Paper via phone from his West Orange, N.J. home. “It’s the same thing in comic books. Just like at The Paper, we have some very long nights.”

You don’t say…

h/t: The Daily Cartoonist