A Final Crisis crisis?

As reported by Newsarama.com, Carlos Pacheco is joining J.G. Jones on Final Crisis art duties starting with issue #4. Newsarama quotes Dan DiDio as saying Pacheco is being added to keep the book on schedule.

This reminds me of a situation back in August 2006 when Marvel announced they would delay Civil War in order to keep Steve McNiven the book’s sole artist, opting for potentially lost sales and angered customers in exchange for a commitment to the art.

For a fun little trip down memory lane, I invite you to read the following:

The Civil War Machine Derailed by Fin Fang Doom, disagreeing with Marvel’s decision, and
Whose Side Are You On? by Jim Doom, agreeing with Marvel’s decision.

It was an exciting time here at Doomkopf. I dare say this decision won’t cause similar sparks to fly. But given Grant Morrison’s repeated reminders that he started writing the series two years ago, it’s a shame nobody handed the scripts to J.G. Jones any sooner than they did.