The Numbers: Week 34

Back in December, we took a look at the comparative sales figures between 52 and Countdown. At that point, roughly halfway through, both series followed a sales curve that was somewhat parallel, though 52 outsold Countdown by about 50,000 at the first issue and only 30,000 by the 24th.

Now with sales figures in up to week 34, that gap has closed to just under 30,000, yet Countdown still lost 20,000 readers by issue 18. That means the series lost 22.4% of its audience, compared to 30.2% for 52 by this point.

While 52’s losses by week 34 exceed Countdown’s losses to date, it’s worth noting that even the lowest week of 52 outperformed Countdown’s peak sales, and 52’s average sales by week 34 were 110,522 compared to Countdown’s current average of 77,988.