Worst Hero of 2007

Jim Doom says: Cyclops!

Astonishing 22He’s a dork in Astonishing X-Men, he’s a “douchebag” in Wolverine (Wolverine’s words) and he’s a pompous prick in Messiah Complex. Cyclops has just become a tool. After far too many years of no one giving him the respect he deserved, he’s now demanding it and not earning it. Why do all the hot women like him? Is it because they can manipulate him easily by way of his bloated, yet fragile ego?

Doominator says: no one!

I don’t really hate any hero or villain. For Christ’s sake, I like Longshot and miss Maggott.

Fing Fang Doom says: everyone in Countdown!

52 showed us that you don’t need A-, B- or even C-list characters as the stars of a major book to make it work. If you put a lame character into a great story, that character becomes great as a result. On the other hand, if you put a lame character into an even lamer story, it just sucks. Maybe Karate Kid and Holly Robinson could have been interesting if Mark Waid and Geoff Johns were writing them, but Dini & Co. sure aren’t that good.

Doom DeLuise says: Iron Man!

Let’s not forget that Civil War ended this year, and Iron Man came out winning, but, also, looking like the biggest dick in the world. Few writers have been able to make him heroic and in full control of his rational mind since. He’s making the rounds at redemption, though, getting his helmet handed to him all over the place.

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