Worst Moment of 2007

Fin Fang Doom says: Spidey takes the deal!

Shipping the very last week of 2007, Marvel ruined my Christmas by saying the last 20 years of their flagship character don’t count in Amazing Spider-Man #545.

Doom DeLuise says: Shazam!

When Black Adam gave his powers to Mary Marvel in Countdown. That ruined all hope I had for that series, and it ruined one of my favorite characters, to boot. It made no logical sense compared to the last time we saw him in 52, and it still makes no sense when compared to him near the end of his mini-series. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Jim Doom says: Wolverine #55, the decapitation of Sabretooth!

Wolverine 55What a horrible waste, but an ultimately fitting way to cap off the utterly awful Jeph Loeb run on Wolverine – a story arc that did damage to the character that simply cannot be overstated.
Sabretooth was a great villain over the years. Maybe they’ll bring him back, who knows. But man, what a pathetic way to go out.

Honorable mention: Supergirl & LOSH #29: Explaining the Dominators’ Invasion of Earth
As I said at the time, “Bravo to DC for managing to tie in 52 with their other books – even those set a thousand years in the future – and managing to time the release of this book with the shutdown of 52 – but that was the tie-in? The Dominators misunderstood Booster Gold’s utterance when he popped in and out of their timeline years ago? On top of being let down, I felt downright insulted as a reader. That might work as a plot setup for an episode of Perfect Strangers, but as the reason for an intergalactic war that cost the lives of billions (if not more)? What a crock.”

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