Book of Doom: Foolkiller #1

foolkillerI know that a lot of you are thinking the same thing: Foolkiller? Seriously? Yes, seriously.

Foolkiller had a prior mini-series that ran in the early 1990’s, and I recently became a big fan after picking up all eight issues for a buck or so on Free Comic Book Day last year. The gist is that the Foolkiller is a down-on-his-luck guy who can’t stand the idea of foolish behavior around him, whether that be in the form of violent behavior, foolish celebrities, or simple old hypocrisy. He works at a fast-food joint called “Burger Clown,” works out in garbage (one exercise is punching himself in the face repeatedly to understand how it feels), and has a diary that serves as narrator throughout. Its tone is eerily similar to that of Rorschach’s diary in “Watchmen.”

Flash forward some twenty-five years later, and somebody saw the need for wheeling this old campy piece of trash back into an all-new mini-series. Perhaps we’ll get an all-new protagonist. Last we saw of the old Foolkiller (who wasn’t even the original), he had moved overseas and scarred his face with acid to avoid being found.

I’m hoping it’ll be fun. Join us back here in a couple days and we’ll discuss it.

Here’s what Marvel has to say about it:

Los Angeles Times best-selling author Gregg Hurwitz (The Crime Writer) and Lan Medina (Punisher) bring you a gritty, no-holds barred crime thriller! Move over Frank Castle, there’s a new vigilante in town. When the Foolkiller strikes, the
punishment fits the crime. It’s a grand display for all to see, the truth in all its brutal glory, our hidden secrets gutted and turned inside out for the front pages. A vigilante artist, a madman performer, the Foolkiller has been brutally introduced to the human joke, and he wants to make sure fools everywhere take note. What he reveals may not be what you want to see. Or what you want to admit. But he makes one thing certain: If you’re a fool, you cannot hide.