Many, Many More Days

Many More DaysWhile browsing today, I came upon an interesting bit of news: One More Day has been pushed back yet again. About a year ago, when the final arc of J. Michael Starcynski’s run on Amazing Spider-Man was announced, it was supposed to come out weekly in August. When it finally came time to solicit the issues, only half of the story was going to make it out in August (and it’s turns out only the first part shipped that month). Now, the fourth and final issue of the arc isn’t going to ship until the last week of December.

There’s only one reason this story is shipping late, and that reason is Joe Quesada. What can I say about Joe Quesada that I haven’t already said before? The only job he’s ever been good at is the conductor of the Marvel Hype Machine. He can’t draw worth a damn, and he can’t get books out on time, be they his or someone else’s. Now because of Joe Quesada, Marvel’s shipping at least a dozen fewer Spider-Man titles in 2007 than they would have otherwise. Bravo! Give that man a promotion! As long as it makes him stop doing what he is right now.