DOOMKOPF EXCLUSIVE:Captain America lives

Maybe you’ve read this week’s Lying in the Gutters, in which Rich Johnston relates the old news that David Morrell, the novelist who created Rambo, wrote a Captain America mini-series that will debut this fall. Want some new news? Well then, you came to the right place.

At this week’s Wizard World Philadelphia, Marvel will announce the upcoming release of Captain America: The Chosen (The revelation of that name, and most of what follows, is a Doomkopf exclusive). It’s a six-parter that follows a solitary soldier and shows Captain America through his eyes. Marvel editor Andy Schmidt, who left the company last week to pursue a freelance writing career, talked briefly about the series recently.

While Morrell was long ago announced as the writer of the series, another you-heard-it-here-first is that the series is illustrated by Mitch Breitweiser, an up-and-coming Marvel-exclusive artist who previously filled in on Ultimate Fantastic Four and did all the art on the Drax mini-series that led into Annihilation.

Having taken a look at Mitch’s work on the series (No, I won’t tell you what happens in the story), I can say I agree with Mitch that it’s his best work yet. His style is gritty and realistic in the vein of Michael Lark, Steve Epting and Tommy Lee Edwards, among others, and it’s a good fit for the story. Mitch also is doing painted covers for the series.

Coming in the near future we’ll have a lengthy Q&A with Mitch and more about his upcoming series.

Oh, and that nagging question — is the good Captain dead or alive? The Chosen takes place outside of continuity. So, he’s still dead, for now anyway.

UPDATE — I forgot to mention this before, but this series was originally titled Captain America: The End. Why the change? Probably because of that other “end” the Captain recently experienced.