You forgot one

In his latest DC Nation column, Big Jefe Dan Didio writes the following:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWell, as you saw in the thrilling conclusion of 52, the Multiverse is back. Or should I say, a new Multiverse is here. A huge defining moment in the DC Universe, so big, in fact, it has divided the DC Nation into three distinct camps: one group cheering its return, a second lamenting its return, and a third wondering what the hell everyone else is talking about.

While I’m sure people exist who fit into those three categories, the chairman of the beard forgot one sizable group (at least if you consider we Doomers a worthy sample size). The mysterious fourth group is those who think it’s pretty cool that the Multiverse is back but struggle to care very much since the announcement was spoiled months ago.

It’s simply unfathomable to me that Didio has the balls to write this latest DC Nation entry trumpeting the big announcement of the Multiverse when he used the exact same space to take all the thunder out of that event for no good reason, other than to show how in charge he is. You know, maybe there should be another subset, a group that’s so damned annoyed with Didio that they’re ready to give up on the Multiverse and most every DC book altogether. I wonder if that group’s taking on new members.