Man, I feel like an idiot…

Planetary 26Whenever Warren Ellis does something like newuniversal or the Ultimate Galactus trilogy, I’m left wondering why he’s regarded as a good writer. Then I remember he wrote Planetary. And then I remember that he still hasn’t finished Planetary.

I’ve been waiting for the final issue of Planetary for what seems like forever. I didn’t get into the series until it was around issue #23 or so after picking up the first trade during my “experimental” phase. Well I loved the first trade, grabbed up the second right away, and by sheer coincidence the third volume was released only a few weeks later. Then I had the unenviable task of hunting down issues #19 and up.

Those were not easy to come by, and by the time I was actually got them all, the series was up to #25. At that point, I figured I’d just wait until #27 came out, which had been announced quite a bit earlier as the final issue of the series. Besides, it had been such a long time since I had read the trades I’d probably need to read though the whole series again to get the full affect. So if I’d wait just a few more months, I’d be able to sit down and read all 27 issues.

I was looking through the DC solicits for August earlier today, hoping for an confirmation of the final issue’s release. Nothing. Frustrated, I tried googling the series to see if anything had been announced, even unofficially. I didn’t find any news about #27, but I didn’t find something rather interesting about #26:

“Issue #26 is the end of Planetary. There’s one more issue left but Ellis says that it will be more of an epilogue than anything else.”

Well crap in a hat. Here I’ve been waiting forever for the story to end, and it turns out it ended in October. Looks like I’ve got some reading material for this weekend.