Week Forty-Seven

It’s a good week for those of you who want some loose ends tied up. With only five issues left, this week is a perfect time to wrap everything up before the big finale. Granted, they still need a week or two more to finish the wrapping, but you get the idea.52 week 47

So, what do we see this week that we haven’t seen in awhile? We get a glimpse into what’s been happening with Batman, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Nightwing, Manheim, Animal Man, Natasha and John Henry Irons, as well as a brief glimpse into the torture taking place on Oolong Island. Let’s recap.

Manheim and the Intergang thugs are in Gotham, looking for the twice-named daughter of Cain, who they were prophesied to kill five months ago. They finally realize that they should look for somebody with the name of Cain, rather than just look for the girl in the picture. So, they get her, and Montoya finds her shredded apartment at the same time as Nightwing. Together, they’re going to get her back. Kinda cool. Especially the picture of the trashed apartment. Very well done.

Meanwhile, Animal Man is zooming home, only to run into those weird little yellow guys again, who tell him that he can use such-and-such nonsense to get home instantly. Only, he sees home, and he sees his wife, and the bitch be cheatin’! He freaks out. No kidding. Dude goes out to space to risk his life for the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, only to find out that, after spending all this time trying to return home, his bitch is all up on some other dude. By the way, I’d really like the writers and editors to deny the allusions to the Odyssey now.

Elsewhere, in Nanda Parbat, Robin is waiting and meditating outside some cave where Bruce Wayne is going through some spiritual journey. By the way, it’s ridiculous that the cave is covered with a round rock, ala Jesus Christ’s tomb. That’s just silly. Tim also gets a few words of advice from Wonder Woman, who is also in Nanda Parbat, for a meeting with Rama Kushna, that weird Zordon-looking floaty-face thing that told Ralph Dibny that the end has already been written. I sure hope it has. Otherwise, we’re in for a disappointing few weeks. Oh, at the end, Bruce emerges from the “tomb” and is smiling. And his shadow is a Batman logo.

All in all, not a bad week for those of you who want to see a bunch of nonsense brought to a close. For those of you who want to see Black Adam go on a murderous rampage or see the return of Rip Hunter/Booster Gold/Skeets, well, you’re going to have to wait awhile.

See ya in seven.