Book of Doom: Aquaman #50

After a week hiatus (nothing worth fightin’ over came out), we’re back this week with our communal review of Aquaman #50, in which famed fantasy author Tad Williams takes over writing chores from Kurt Busiek. I think I speak for us all when I say Busiek will definitely be missed. Post-Crisis he took the book in a very new, unexplained direction and renovated a stale character into a fantasy oriented undersea adventure. Think Conan: The Frothy Tales.

Williams has written a ton of fantasy material, so he seems like a great fit to take over from Busiek. As always, come back Saturday to see our thoughts and share your own.

DC says:

Written by Tad Williams; Art by Shawn McManus and Walden Wong; Cover by Mario Alberti

Acclaimed fantasy novelist Tad Williams (THE NEXT, The Dragonbone Chair) begins his stint as the new chronicler of the adventures of the young man who would be King of the Sea!

Joined by the new art team of Shawn McManus (THE SANDMAN, SHADOWPACT) and Walden Wong (THE CREEPER, THE NEXT), a new horizon beckons for Aquaman, as new challenges await and new characters from this undersea world are introduced. It all begins here, in this extra-sized 50th issue extravaganza!

DC Universe | 40pg. | Color | $3.99 US