Worst of 2006: Event

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe Black Panther/Storm wedding

“I don’t think anyone cared about what was dubbed “The Wedding of the Century.” Most fans had already grown sour on Reggie Hudlin’s Black Panther. And with Civil War going on, who the hell cares about the wedding between two wholly unimportant characters? People reading Black Panther, and that’s it. Just like how only people that read She-Hulk care that Jennifer Walters and John Jameson got hitched. Yet Marvel still pushed this thing as a major milestone for the company.”
— Fin Fang Doom

Brave New World

“It was totally worthless, boring, and poorly executed. We all knew the Monitor would be back months before the issue came out, so the big “twist” or “SURPRISE!!!!!!” didn’t ring true. It was hollow. Plus, all the mini-serieseses that came from it were pretty much without worth across the board.”
— Doom DeLuise


“Maybe it’s been good, but Marvel really dropped the ball on their timing with this. I don’t care about the characters, but I would have been much more likely to give it a shot if it weren’t going on at the exact same time as Civil War.”
— Jim Doom

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingEverything big and green

“While I’m a big anti-fan of Civil War, that series has at worst been mildly entertaining, and much more so than Marvel’s previous Mega Events. To be the absolute worst of a year, though, takes something more. Something truly bad. And along those lines, I give you Planet Hulk. Here’s a series in which one of the most famed heroes of all time is taken to a completely irrelevant setting and strung through a never-ending cycle of “smash everything” adventures that somehow managed to not be exciting. Even the Silver Surfer vs. Hulk battle was weak at best. But, you know what’s even worse? The event that never happens. Sure, I love Leinil Yu and Damon Lindelof, but it would’ve been nice if their Ultimate battle between Wolverine and Hulk would’ve at least seen, you know, a fight.”
— Jean-Claude Van Doom