Best of 2006: Moments

So you’re reading along in a comic, just minding you own business. You turn the page, and your eyes bulge out of your head. You’re overwhelmed for a moment and at a loss for words. Maybe you even get a little teary-eyed. Every year there are only a handful that stick with us. Those are the moments we all read comics for.

Cyclops with a gunThe Eyes Lost It

“Cyclops losing his powers and coming back with the gun. The ruthless we’ve always wanted to see from the boy scout of the mutants.”

The Deader the Better

“Best moment of the year, for me, came in issue six of the mini-series Battle for Bludhaven, when Captain Atom finally woke up and blew the town to kingdom come. Sure, the series sucked hard, but we were all waiting for that moment, and it delivered. Another great moment was when Galactus fell in Annihilation. I did not see that one coming.”
-Doom DeLuise

“This seems like it should count in 2005, since that was the year of Infinite Crisis, but when the Joker killed Alexander Luthor and wrapped up the biggest event ever seen in comics, I applauded.”
-Jean-Claude Van Doom

A Superman/Superman Fight Done Right

“Back in March, Robert Kirkman put on a fight between five Superman-level characters. The fight was brutal, as it should have been. The double-page splash by artist Ryan Ottley stands out in particular as one of the best pieces of art from 2006. Perhaps what makes the moment even more memorable is the fact that DC had put on a relatively disappointing Superman vs. Superman fight juts a few weeks earlier in Infinite Crisis.”
-Fin Fang Doom

Invincible splash