Most Underrated of 2006: Writer

While there are lots of writers out there right now getting tons of praise, some aren’t having the kudos heaped upon them thickly enough. So, courtesy of the Doomers, here’s another round of ego-boosting.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingBrett Lewis

“There are a ton of writers out there who deserve recognition, with Gail Simone, Jeff Parker, Dan Slott, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray all churning out lots of good stuff this year. In the small presses, I really enjoyed what David Petersen did on Mouse Guard. But all of those have gotten pretty serious props, so I had to dig deep and find someone who’s writing a book I really enjoy yet has gotten next to no press, and that would be The Winter Men by Brett Lewis. Not only is it a cool read, but the Russian dialogue is convincing. Now, if only it came out on time.”
— Jean-Claude Van Doom

Brian K Vaughan

“BKV is probably the most versatile writer in comics today. He writes teen drama in Runaways, he’s doing a mystery story in Doctor Strange: The Oath, and political drama in Ex Machina. His run on Ultimate X-Men was by far the best on the title. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Y: The Last Man and Pride of Baghdad. Yes, Brian K. Vaughan does get a lot of praise for his work, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s as much as he deserves. I honestly think he may end up being the best comic writer of this era. Yet the only time he gets press is when Joss Whedon is taking over one of his books. Go figure.”
— Fin Fang Doom

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingBrian Michael Bendis

“The guy is still one of the best comics writers out there. I still enjoy nearly anything he writes. He has his flaws, as does any writer. But he is not the stain on the comics industry that so many would have us believe.”
— Jim Doom