Week Thirty-Two

Is Ralph Dibny dead? It’s doesn’t seem plausible, since he’s interacted with so many characters throughout this series, but I think he’s either dead or going to die soon. He’s told that the end is written, and he wrote it himself, in the Ambassador Hotel in May. Remember, the first time we see him in “52” is in Week One, in the Ambassador, with a gun in his mouth. Be careful what you wish for, he says. So he’s dead.

What else happens in this issue? Well, Ralph fights a Yeti and spends some time talking about stuff with some dude in Nanda Parbat. It’s really not that interesting, aside from the bit I mentioned earlier.

Plus, Osiris tries to join the Teen Titans and is shot down. And the space jerks are hanging out, ready to fight.

All in all, it’s an uneventful week. Nothing really happens. The art’s so-so, and the story is just laying some groundwork for upcoming weeks.

I have nothing to say. Other than what I’ve said.

See ya in seven.