Another Brick in the (Punched Out) Wall?

In “Batman” #644, the conclusion to the “War Crimes” story-arc reveals that Doctor Leslie Thompkins could’ve saved the life of Spoiler, who died during the much lambasted mini-series “Wargames.” Instead, Dr. Thompkins let Spoiler die on the slab, hoping that her death would make Batman give up his war on crime, finally seeing that the human loss is too great on both sides. What’d Batman think of that? Take a look left! I mean below! That’s a big image!a

After telling her off, Bruce tells her that she’s no longer welcome in the United States, and if he ever hears about her practicing medicine again, he’ll put an end to it. The scene is very emotional, expertly written and drawn by some guys who’s names don’t matter to me. It got me excited, at least. The idea, obviously, was to make Batman lose another person, in addition to Spoiler, only it had to be a person without a mask. There aren’t very many of those left in his life, leaving the responsibility up to Alfred and Jim Gordon. I was always hoping that Leslie would return with MIA fanboy-hated Azrael, for a double redemption storyline, but alas.

With this week’s release of “Batman” #659, Doctor Leslie Thompkins is back in Gotham City, running her clinic with no mention of what happened inbetween. I got angry, naturally. So, after throwing my desk chair through the nearest window, I took a few deep breaths and tried to figure out what happened.

Then, the obvious answer dropped down to me as heavily as that chair dropped down to careless passersby on the streets below. It’s the whole convoluted catch-all of Superboy-Prime punching on the walls of reality. Make sense? Well, it didn’t make much sense back when it was first explained, but I was willing to accept it, since it brought about some ancient and heavy continuity corrections. But, Leslie Thompkins? That just happened fifteen issues ago!

I’m sure I’m the only person on the entire Internets that thinks this way, so I’ll stop now, but, seriously, it was a risky move, making her a killer by proxy, and I’m disappointed they reneged so quickly.