I’m such a nerd

Today I accomplished something I’ve been dreaming of for nearly a decade. And believe it or not, I have Wizard, The Comics Magazine to thank.

Years and years ago, Wizard used to be really awesome. They didn’t spoil major storylines, the humor was less sophmoric, and they weren’t a mouthpiece for Marvel or DC. And they threw in lots of cool little bonuses like posters and calendars.

JLA ID SmallAnd then there were these:

A couple of years ago, after a good 5 years sitting in my dresser draw, I finally got around to splapping some pictures on these bad boys. I even went so far as to laminate them with those self-sticking ID holders they sell at Target.

Avengers ID SmallBut those things suck. They weren’t sticky enough to realy hold itself together, but they were sticky enough to pretty much ruin my chances of ever pulling the laminate off the card without ripping it. I’ve kept them in my wallet since then (which probably didn’t help their appearances), because even though they looked bad, they were still awesome.

In July I started a new job, and lo and behold, there was an ID card laminater (the heated kind) sitting on my desk when I got there. I instantly thought of the cards I’d nearly forgotten about in my wallet, and longed for some way to find the back issues of Wizard they came with so I could make actual good IDs. Alas, I was much, much too lazy to figure out which issues they originally came with, let alone find somewhere that actually had them for sale.

Earlier this week I had given up hope. But today, I was laminating a buch of other cards, and I thought I’d try to get the old laminate off my IDs so I could put the new laminate on. After a good twenty minutes of work, I had both cards laminated, trimmed, and proudly on display in my wallet.

The best part: my boss saw me do it and didn’t even care that I spent work time on such a ridiculous task. Sweet!

I have never felt quite so proud of feeling quite so nerdy in my entire life.

And in case you were wondering who approved my entrance into the two most distinguished teams in comic book history…

Avengers ID DetailJLA ID Detail

Now I’d like to issue a challenge to my fellow Legionaires and everyone on the comicsblogoweb, in the tradition of My First Comic week (the first one we participated in here at LOD): What is the absolute pinnacle of your comic book nerdiness? And no, having a comic book blog doesn’t count.