The Power of Prayer (or netflix, wikipedia and you tube)

So I’ve decided to make the most of my Netflix account by finally adding the most excellent “Batman: the Animated Series” to my queue. And yes, the infinite praises of this show have been sung elsewhere, but I’m sure we’ll post our own thoughts on it in the Hall of Doom someday.

Anyway, I’m watching the sweet “Perchance to Dream” episode, you know, the one where the Mad Hatter has Bats trapped in a dream machine, dreaming the perfect life where Bruce’s parents are still alive, he’s CEO of Wayne Enterprises and engaged to Selina (rawwrrrrrrr) Kyle.

Then I notice something about the voice of benign pediatrician Leslie Thompkins. It sounds so familar and yet I can’t quite place it, but thanks to wikipedia I have my answer in a minute.

Thompkins was voiced by Diana Muldaur–that’s right–the same Dr. Pulaski who replaced Beverly Crusher in season two of “Star Trek: the Next Generation.” And no, I won’t answer questions about why I love STNG so much.

What the hell is my point? That also thanks to wikipedia, I found this on youtube:

It’s an animated tribute, pretty much verbatim, to the mutant fight scene in “The Dark Knight Returns” from an episode of “The New Batman Adventures.”

In conclusion, god bless the internets.