Legion of Doom’s Worst of 2005- Events

All-Star BatmanDC’s All-Star Comics line. I just can’t believe the timing on that. DC didn’t need stunts – they had fantastic stories building. And one thing that Superman and Batman had over their Marvel counterparts was that new readers could pick up a high-numbered issue of either character’s titles and not be bogged down with continuity. Those characters have stayed reasonably pure, and so a DC equivalent of the Ultimate line just wasn’t necessary. The books themselves only proved that even more. -Jim Doom

The Other. It just didn’t work. Here’s a thought: Don’t have three writers combine on a single story arc. -Jean-Claude Van Doom

The launch of the DC All-Star line. DC advertised this as completely continuity-free stories of their icons using the most basic and well-known aspects of the characters as building blocks. It was supposed to be the Batman and Superman that folks who had seen the movies but had never laid hands on a comic would recognize. Instead, we get a Batman who curses randomly, murders police officers, and kidnaps and psychologically tortures young boys. We get a Superman who regularly hangs out in space with crazy characters. While that doesn’t necessarily make for bad stories (although it does), it’s not what DC themselves said the line was going to be about. These are not the characters that Joe Anybody knows, these are Ultimate Superman and Batman. If they would have just admitted that from the start, I would have no problem with the line. I still wouldn’t read it, but at least I wouldn’t have considered it a screw-up. -Fin Fang Doom