When Universes Collide!

Ahh, fan fiction. There’s nothing quite as dorky as writing stories featuring pop culture icons for your own amusement. So of course, I’ve done it. What follows is the first in a series of short battles I wrote in my senior year creative writing course. If you like this, there’s plenty more where it came from. So without any further ado, I present:

When Universes Collide!
Superman vs. Thor

While Jane Foster and Jake Olsen were attending a medical conference in Metropolis, a super-villain attacked. Olsen ducked into a hallway, pounded his fist on the ground and transformed into the Mighty Thor. At the same time, Clark Kent ducked into another hallway and changed into his Superman costume. Thor came out first and dispensed of the villain in no time. Superman came out and assumed that the costumed muscleman in front of him was another super-villain and flew full speed at Thor.

To prevent harming the innocent bystanders, Thor hurled Mjolnir upwards, held fast to its strap and was propelled through the roof. Superman followed, using his super-speed to catch up to Thor and land a few strong punches. Thor shrugged them off and twirled Mjolnir overhead to stay aloft.

Superman vs

As the two men faced each other, Thor threw his mallet straight at the giant S-shaped target on Superman’s chest. The hammer collided with the Man of Steel before he had a chance to react and pushed him outside of Metropolis’ city limits.

Superman and Mjolnir landed hard on the ground as Thor slowly floated to the ground. Superman turned and tried to pick up the hammer to use against Thor, but he couldn’t budge it. “A valiant attempt, powerful one,” proclaimed Thor. “But none who wouldst challenge Thor tis noble enough to lift mine enchanted mallet Mjolnir.”

Thor began pummeling Superman with lefts and rights, preventing Supes from standing up or fighting back. Finally, using his super-speed, Superman managed to land a hay-maker on Thor’s chin, sending him flying back. “Your effort tis all for naught!” yelled Thor as he pointed skyward. Superman looked up to see the storm that Thor had called upon while he was beating him.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning shot down from the clouds and connected with Superman. He shrugged it off just in time to notice another bolt course through his body. The onslaught continued for what seems like hours until Superman finally fell to the ground.

The storm dissipated as Thor walked over to Superman’s unconscious body. “The fight twas grand,” cried Thor. “But in the end, none can triumph over the Mighty Thor!”