Holiday comics

I wrote a review of some Christmas-y comics for my “real” comics-related job, so I thought I’d post a few thoughts as we’re nearing the big day.

This year’s Marvel Holiday Special was pretty entertaining. The first story is a silly Moleman tale, and brought out a few chuckles, but little more. The second story was an Ultron reprogrammed to act as Santa by a young girl scientist. But it goes evil again and tears up a New Avengers Christmas shindig. There’s a running gag where the heroes are trying to get Spider Woman under the mistletoe that’s pretty funny. And Gravity tries to join the party, but nobody lets him in because they don’t recognize him. The last story is a sort of Dickensian tale of a villain robbing to get presents for his children. It didn’t work for me.

DC had a few books, mostly the ones attached to Cartoon Network shows. They’re good for stocking stuffers for kids, I suppose, but only the Justice League Unlimited is worth a read.

Image had a holiday book that was just too steeply priced for my taste.

I noticed most of the holiday titles were priced above normal rates (aside from the aforementioned kid books by DC). I could make some commentary on the true capitalistic meaning of Christmas, but I think we’ve all heard that one before.